CCTV Cameras For the foggy season

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Many of my clients were asking me about the solution of CCTV Cameras For the foggy season. Simple CCTV cameras will not be able to get a clear picture in fog, smog, and smoke. We will not be able to monitor anything in these cameras like the picture below.

CCTV Cameras For the foggy season
Foggy season

So Here a question arises, “what we can do in foggy season”? which cameras we can install on our premises to keep our security?


Thermal Surveillance Cameras Can See Thru Fog, smog, and smoke.

How Thermal cctv Cameras to overcome foggy saeson?

Thermal surveillance cameras avoid the limitations of traditional cameras. They do not be dependent on the direct line of sight. We know that fog, smog, smoke, and rain can restrict light and vision, thermal signatures are still left behind. The benefit of thermal cameras is that Anything which has heat in itself can be detected with these cameras. Even the camera has a direct line of sight or not. So we can install thermal CCTV Cameras For the foggy season to overcome our problem.

I am suggesting to you some Thermal surveillance cameras model of hikvision, which you can select according to your requirements.

HIKVISION Thermal Cameras

Furthermore, If you want to get the installation of CCTV cameras or need any kind of solution. You can contact me any time or post on my profile.

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