Digital Library Management System

Digital Library Management System
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The Virtual University of Pakistan has given Digital Library Management System final year project to its students under subject cs619. Therefore, All students will make this complete final year project. They will have to make not only an SRS document and Design document but also develop a complete project according to the given requirement as well. Undoubtedly, Here we will provide help to students to make a complete project.

Project Abstract / Introduction

In the past, when there was no concept of a computerized/digital library management system at all, the librarian job was very bothersome and complex. The traditional library management system had a lot of issues. Digital/Computerized Library Management System is a great way to monitor books, add them, update information in it, search for the suitable one, issue it, and return it when needed. This digital system has a lot of advantages over the traditional library system.

Functional Requirements of the computerized library management system

  1. Database module: This has two functions – Insertion of data and extraction of data with a user-friendly screen.
  2. Report module: For the borrowed books list to display.
  3. Available module: To view the availability of books.
  4. Search Module: search facility for books and members.
  5. Payment module: Payment facility for fine payments.
  6. Login and logout module in case the student wish to use PHP.

moreover Users in the system:

  1. Admin
  2. Librarian
  3. Users (who want to  issue books from the library)
  • Admin: Add, view, and delete the librarian.

Librarian: Add, view, issue books, return books, payment.

Download SRS Document

Author: Prof. Azhar Sagar

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